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Nobelist Sir Richard Roberts talks GMOs at CSHL (link)

         Daily Democrat UC Davis honors 55 women for their leadership (link)
             UC-Berkeley On the Ground, Breakthroughs Spring 2020 (link)
150wlogo 150 years of Women at Berkeley (link)
reed-logo Two Reed Grads Elected to National Academy of Sciences. (link, pdf)
wired-logo GMOs Could be a Key to Sustainable Farming, April 1, 2020. (link, pdf)
USAT-logo Green Genes: Agronomists are engineering DNA to save some foods from extinction, March 20, 2020. (pdf)
Logo of Chile Bio Nuevo arroz editado genéticamente alto en nutriente para combatir la ceguera infantil (New genetically edited rice high in nutrients in order to fight child blindness), March 4, 2020. (link, pdf)
CRISPR Genome Editing Strategy Could Improve Rice, Other Crops. March 4, 2020 (link, pdf)
Tweet by Innovative Genomics Institute, "CRISPR-Cas9 tools to make rice enriched for beta-carotene, aka vitamin A precursor." March 4, 2020 (link)
allianceforscience New study shows CRISPR can be applied to produce biofortified rice, March 4, 2020. (link)
Logo of Babbage show of The Economist Radio Babbage: Feeding tomorrow's world, Economist Radio, February 19, 2020. (link)
International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications logo Science and She: Empowering Women in Science. (link, pdf)
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洪水に耐えるイネを創出した女性植物学者たち (Female botanists who created rice to withstand flooding), November 13, 2019. (link 1, link 2, pdf)

Grain Central logo Cagey product labeling exploits consumer GMO fears, November 12, 2019. (link, pdf)
Corteva Agriscience logo Refining the GMO Debate with Plant Geneticist Pamela Ronald, October 1, 2019 (link, pdf)
Pew logo Latin American Scientists Explore Mechanisms to Fight Plant Disease, September 23, 2019 (link, pdf)
Unfold Podcast Episode 2: GMO OMG, September 17, 2019 (Youtube)
wired-logo Crispr Can Help Solve Our Looming Food Crisis - Here's How, Wired, August 8, 2019 (link, pdf)
Pam Ronald Returns to Sweden for Honorary Doctorate, July 29, 2019 (linkpdf)
Plant pathology researcher María Florencia Ercoli named to 2019 class of Pew Latin American Fellows (link, pdf)
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Pamela Ronald, Honorary Doctor of Agricultural Science, June 25, 2019 (linkpdf)

logo of American Society of Plant Biologists ASPB Names 201 Recipient of Leadership in Science Policy Public Service Award, June 25, 2019 (linkpdf)
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SLU utser sju nya hedersdoktorer (SLU appoints 7 new honorary doctors), June 11, 2019 (linkpdf)

Knowable logo Will the food of the future be genetically engineered or organic? How about both? May 9, 2019 (linkpdf)
Pam Ronald and David Zilberman Elected to National Academy of Sciences, April 30, 2019 (linkpdf)
LBL logo Four Berkeley Lab Scientists Elected as National Academy of Sciences Members, April 30, 2019 (linkpdf)
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Cultivos modificados que solucionan la escasez de alimentos, October 3, 2018 (link)

American Scientist Logo

Reasonable Versus Unreasonable Doubt, April 2018 (link)

Announcing 24 New Research Projects, January 31, 2018 (link)

Biotech Breakthroughs and Big Ideas in 2018, January 4, 2018 (link)

Food Evolution- Official Theatrical Trailer (link)

$1.7 Million for Climate-Resilient Agricultural Research, December 6, 2017 (link)

Would You Put the Genetically Modified Arctic Apple in Your Pie? November 22, 2017 (link)


Going With the Grain: Pamela Ronald... Plant Biologist, Geneticist And Rice Savior. October 18, 2017 (link)

Understanding GMOs and the Future of Food August 4, 2017 (link)
Lab+Life Scientist logo Sequencing completed for wild wheat, mutant rice genomes. July 10, 2017 (pdf)
LBL logo A Whole-Genome Sequenced Rice Mutant Resource for the Study of Biofuel Feedstocks. July 5, 2017 (pdf)

Mutant Rice Database for Bioenergy Research July 5, 2017 (link)

CRISPR and the new hackers of agriculture June 29, 2017 (link)

Reinventing Rice for a World Transformed by Climate Change May 4, 2017 (link)


Our planet needs evidence-based policies, not preconceived notions April 26, 2017 (link)

Times Higher Education logo How likely are academics to confess to errors in research? January 26, 2017 (pdf)

Spilled Milk. Scientists engineered goats whose milk could save thousands of poor children's lives. A world wary of GMOs was not ready. June 30, 2016 (link)


Still Life with Mass Hysteria: Are GMOs Really That Bad? March 22, 2016 (link)

grist50 Grist 50: Pamela Ronald | Grist (link)

Self Correction. What to do when you realize your publication is fatally flawed. Dec 1, 2015 (link)

Xinhuanet Xinhuanet: genetically modified agriculture and organic agriculture may not be incompatible. October 12, 2015 (link)

Organic GMOs Could Be The Future of Food — If We Let Them. October 7, 2015. (link, pdf)


Organic GMOs Could Be The Future of Food - If We Let Them. October 8, 2015 (link)

CHF Episode 203: Genetic Engineering and Organic Farming: An Unexpected Marriage. October 6, 2015 (link to podcast)

Common ground on sustainable agriculture: A Family Affair. October 1, 2015 (link)

ducklandfunk US-Forscher korrigieren fehlerhafte Studie. August 31, 2015 (link)

Research in Focus: Recognizing pathogens, and recognizing errors. August 19, 2015 (link)



science-mag PLANT PATHOGENS: Rice is on the lookout for bugs. July 24, 2015 (link)
aaas Science Advances: Protein May Protect Rice from Bacterial Infection. July 24, 2015. (link)
nature Rice researchers redress retraction. July 24, 2015 (link)
Rice disease-resistance discovery closes the loop for scientific integrity. July 24, 2015 (link)
BBC Is Opposition to GM Crops Irrational? June 7, 2015 (link)
natgeo Can This Scientist Unite Genetic Engineers and Organic Farmers? May 4, 2015 (link)
Forbes Can Plant Genetics Help Solve World Hunger? Science Says Yes. March 30, 2015 (link)
TED-logo Pamela Ronald: The case for engineering our food. March, 2015 (link)

Skype in the classroom: RONALD chats with ALLISONVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Students, INDIANA. March, 2015 (link)

backchannel The Worldview 100: The Visionaries who Continue to Reshape Biotechnology - and the World. 2015 (pdf)
nature Yield: The search for the rice of the future. October 30, 2014 (link)
beacon Is genetic engineering crucial to food security in the era of climate change? Virginia Gewin October 29, 2014 (link)
innovation-hub-logo-800x150 A Genetically Modified Menu. October 23, 2014 (link)
the-national-geographic The Next Green Revolution. October 2014 (link)
new-yorker "SEEDS OF DOUBT", An activist's controversial crusade against genetically modified crops. August 25, 2014 (link)
thenation-logo Can GMOs Help Feed a Hot and Hungry World? August 13, 2014 (link)
nature-biotech-logo Beating the heat. Emily Waltz reports. July 2014 (link)
new-yorker April 25, 2014. A Journalist and a Scientist Break Ground in the G.M.O. Debate. (link)
Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 11.06.40 AM Marco Rosaire Conrad-Rossi on Biology Fortified, Inc. | At the Vanguard of the Green Gene Movement and Beyond. April 6, 2014 (link)

A clean slate: Mistakes are part of science. But setting the record straight promptly and clearly can help to avoid a career blot. March 20, 2014 (link)

December 13, 2013. Il cibo che verrà . (link)
        ensia-logo August 27, 2013. An Organic Farmer and a Geneticist Walk Into a Field. (link)
zeit-logo Eine Vernunftehe? August 6, 2013. (link)
radio-NZ-national-logo Pamela Ronald : genes, seeds, and weeds June 24, 2013 (link to mp3)
SPIEGEL ONLINE July 25, 2013. Gentechnik und Biolandbau - eine Vernunftehe? (link)

Connecticut Passes GMO Labeling Law. (link, pdf)


"Tomorrow's Table ranked one of the top 25 powerful and influential books that educate, insire and drive change". May 14, 2013 (link)


April 23, 2013. The Ruminant Podcast episode 19: Pam Ronald on Genetic Engineering in Plant Breeding. (link to mp3)


Bill Gates - What I'm Learning - The New Science of Feeding the World. November 15, 2012(link)

Fred Pearce, October 2012. Why Are Environmentalists Taking Anti-Science Positions? (link)
September 2012, Gmo även för ekoodlare? (link)
SPIEGEL ONLINE Gentechnik ganz ökologisch: Letzte Rettung für den Goldenen Reis. June 23, 2012 (link)
May 24, 2012. How will we feed world's growing population? (pdf/link/video1/video2)
the-taste-of-tomorrow May 7, 2012. The Taste of Tomorrow: Dispatches from the Future of Food. (link)
Center for Comparative Medicine, UC Davis, "A Symposium on the Evolution of Common Molecular Pathways Underlying Innate Immunity" mp4 available for Beutler, Hoffman, Ronald, and O'Neill. March 29, 2012 (link)

Sub1 mentioned in Bill Gates' 2012 annual letter. January 2012 (link) (PDF)

Capital Public Radio, January 24, 2012. Plant and Human Immune Similarities (link / link to mp3)
ASPB1 AAAS Riley Memorial Lecture to be given by ASPB member Pam Ronald. May 25, 2011 (link)
ethecal-cop-logo Is organic GM the answer? April 2011 (link)
"Family Affair". The Scientist. April 1, 2011 (link)

Improving Rice for Food and Grasses for Energy. Spring 2011(PDF)

stuff NZFARMER.CO.NZ, March 28, 2011. GE - 10,000 years in the making (link)

A Growing Debate: How to Define 'Organic' Food. March 1, 2011 (pdf/link)

popularsciencelogo The Second Green Revolution. February 2011 (link)
Xinhuanet Vegetative Warfare January 31, 2011 (link)
the ration GMOrganic, A Botanical Love Story. 2011 (link/video)
UC Davis News & Information, Nov 18, 2010. In fending off diseases, plants and animals are much the same, research shows (link)
TED-logo The Debate Continues: The Economist Hosts Debate on the Compatibility of Biotechnology and Organic Agriculture. November 10, 2010(link)



Bill Gates: Reinventing Capitalism. August 8, 2010 (link)


Raoul Adamchak, Fred Pearce, Prabhu Pingali: REINVENTING SUSTENANCE. August, 2010 (link)


Pamela Ronald has developed a more flood-tolerant rice. July 12, 2010 (link)


Food 2.0:Feeding a Hungry World. June 4, 2010 (link)

Xinhuanet A Harvest for 9.2 Billion. May 19, 2010 (link)

Bill Gates tackles controversy over genetically modified crops at UC Berkeley. April 29, 2010 (link)

Xinhuanet Radically Rethinking Agriculture. March 18, 2010 (link)

The Future of Food. March 10, 2010 (link/video)

thegatesnotes "Pamela Ronald and Raoul Adamchak's Tomorrow's Table: Organic Farming, Genetics, and the Future of Food". March 8, 2010 (link)
Herper, Matthew. "Green Genes". March 1, 2010 (link)
Forbes Green Genes: Are genetically modified crops eco-friendly? February 11, 2010 (link)
NYTimes Quiet Biotech Revolution Transforming Crops. December 21, 2009 (link)

Flood-Resistant Rice Aids Farmers in South Asia. November 2, 2009(link)


Pamela Ronald and Raoul Adamchak featured on the Progressive Farmer. November 2009 (link)


Evolution in your life. October 26, 2009 (link/link to mp3)

"6 Future Mods for Our Minds and Bodies". Popular Mechanics. September 30, 2009 (link)

Sustainably Engineered Organic. July 30, 2009 (link)

Xinhuanet Organically Grown and Genetically Engineered: The Food of the Future. July 28, 2009 (link/video)

The fetish art of Superman's co-creator, the future biotechs farmers of America and Hank Williams Jr.'s right-wing populism. July 10, 2009 (link)


"We found the book insightful and well-documented." June 28, 2009 (link)

Gryphon icon Grains of Truth. June 2009 (page1page2page3page4)
"Reconciling GMOs and Organics". DTN/The Progressive Farmer. April 10, 2009 (link)

Library journal selects "Tomrrow's Table" as one of the Best-Sci tech books of 2008. March 1st, 2009 (link)

CNN "Fighting hunger with flood-tolerant rice". CNN. February 2, 2009 (link)

Why Not Genetically Modified Organic Crops?. January 30, 2009 (link)


The Green Monster - Could Frankenfoods be good for the environment? January 28, 2009 (link)

NYTimes Can We Feed the World Without Damaging It? January 4, 2009(link)

Tomorrow's Table has been selected as one of SEED Magazine's best of 2008. December 17, 2008 (link)

Xinhuanet UC Davis Scientists Develop Flood-Resistant Rice. December 4, 2008 (link)
"Organic Gardening". Winter 2008 (link)
Organic and GM- Why Not? November 21, 2008 (link)

Tomorrow's Table: Blogging from Bangladesh. November 10, 2008 (link)

nature-biotech-logo A timely marriage. October 2008(link)

Solving the Food Crisis With an Unlikely Alliance. June 5, 2008 (link)


GMO coupled with organic farms best for environment. April 24, 2008 (link)

NPR: Waterproof Rice May Help Asia Cope with Flooding. October 8, 2007 (pdf / link to mp3)
seed-logo Scientific Flip-Flop - Five experts debate the roots of GM opposition. August 30, 2007 (link)

China Delays GO rice but raises biotech budget. Dec 6, 2006 (link)

Xinhuanet China committee not recommending GMO rice. Nov 28, 2005 (link)
Xinhuanet IRRI's First Transgenic Field Test. Nov 28, 2005 (link)

GM Rice set for go-ahead. Sept 29, 2005. (link)


The Eyes of Nye - Genetically Modified Foods. June 5, 2005 (link)

Xinhuanet China close to production of safe genetic rice. March 9, 2005 (link)
Xinhuanet Denialism. November 19, 2004 (mp3)

Frankenfoods, should genetically modified produce frighten you? July 5, 2000. (link)

San Francisco Chronicle, 1997: Rice-Gene Scientist Sharing Success With Poor Nations (link)

Making Rice Disease Resistant, 1997 (link)

Sandra Blakeslee. "Genetic Engineering Creates Rice Resistant to Destructive Blight". December 15, 1995. (link)
Wall Street Journal: Rundle, Rhonda L. 1995. "Rice, Food Source for Half the World, Is Genetically Altered to Resist Disease." Wall Street Journal, December 15
San Francisco Chronicle, 1995: High Hopes for Gene-Spliced Rice - UC Davis team's disease-resistant plants could boost food supplies (link)

Biotech Nation, A NPR weekly program (link)