Potential Conflicts of Interests


I often receive speaking fees and travel support for my lectures. I make clear to sponsors and to my audiences that I am an independent contractor and not an employee or agent of the host and that the host will not influence or otherwise direct my comments or positions on the subject matter presented. My speaking schedule is listed here.

I co-authored the book Tomorrow's Table: Organic Farming, Genetics and the Future of Food with my husband, Raoul Adamchak, an organic farmer, published by Oxford University Press. 

Grants/Research Support:

  • Current Funding: The National Science Foundation, the Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research, the USDA-NIFA, The UC Berkeley Innovative Genomics Insitute, The Department of Energy, The Crary Social Ecology Fund, The UC Davis Innovation Institute for Foods and Health, and the National Institute of Health.
  • 25 years ago I received three years of research funding from Monsanto to study the genetic basis of disease resistance in rice.
  • A postdoc in my lab is the recipient of a 1 year fellowship from Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont to advance crops suitable for organic agriculture.


  • I am a Professor in the Deptartment of Plant Pathology and the Genome Center at UC Davis and the founding Director of the UC Davis Institute for Food and Agricultural Literacy. I therefore have a potential conflict of interest on issues involving UC Davis, the University of California, educational funding in California, and public higher education policy at the national and state level.
  • I serve as a key scientist at the Joint Bioenergy Institute funded by the U.S. Department of Energy
  • As a working scientist who has received grants from a variety of government funding agencies, I have a professional interest in promoting science funding and in influencing the way research funds are distributed.
  • I serve on the scientific advisory board of The John Innes Centre, an independent, international centre of excellence in plant science, research, genetics and microbiology

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