• 1990-2012 Received $12M in funding from NIH, NSF, USDA, & the Rockefeller Foundation
  • 1995 Published study on isolation of the XA21 rice disease resistance gene in Science Magazine
  • 1996 Established the Genetic Resources Recognition Fund (GRRF)
  • 2006 Published study on the isolation of the Submergence tolerance 1a gene in Nature Magazine
  • 2012 Established the CGI to accelerate genetics and breeding of the world's most important staple food crops
  • 2012 "Tomorrow's Table ranked one of the top 25 powerful and influential books that educate, inspire, and drive change" (The New Earth Archive)

Growth Plan

  • 2014 Identify key genes and develop strategies to improve production of staple food crops in South Asia & Sub-Saharan Africa
  • 2016 Establish partnerships to improve staple food crops for the world’s poorest farmers using CGI discoveries

Impact to Date

  • Advanced knowledge of the genetic basis for disease resistance and stress tolerance in the world's most important staple food crops
  • Based on CGI discoveries, our partners at IRRI developed a flood-tolerant rice variety that is now grown by two million farmers in Bangladesh and India