• Science Policy and Communication Group Graduate and post-doctoral scholars interested in communicating science to policy makers and the general public via blogs/op-eds, videos, infographics and other media elements. Students are already working on scripts for videos and designing a website.
  • Campus Roundtables Communication, Literacy & Education for Agricultural Research (CLEAR) will host roundtable discussions that focus on the societal benefits/risks, impacts and public perceptions associated with food and agricultural technologies. The first roundtable will be held in the spring.
  • CLEAR Traineeship Awardees Selected We have awarded 3 students (two PhD. students and one postdoctoral scholar) with CLEAR Science Policy Group Traineeships from a GFI grant received earlier this year.
  • Biotechnology Literacy Project Workshop (BLP) Held May 31st – June 2nd is a 3-4 day workshop co-organized by Jon Entine, Founder of the Genetic Literacy Project and Senior Fellow at the WFC. The goal is to bring together journalists and scientists to develop and share best practices for fact-based science communication and debate in the public sphere.
  • IFAL Symposium Held June 3rd will include high profile keynote speakers with research presentations in food and agriculture with the goal of education and outreach. For more information please click here.
  • Genetic Expert News Service (GENeS) Directed by Robin Bission and partially funded by IFAL has the goal of collecting academic/science expert comments on new publications for distribution to major news outlets.

Educational videos:


Please let us know if you would like to collaborate with us with regards to co-hosting a UC Davis Food & Ag Roundtable, attending the IFAL Symposium in June or advertising with the Science Policy Group. We welcome community suggestions for new IFAL programming and feedback on current efforts. Please send your ideas and comments to Shannon Albers (snalbers@ucdavis.edu).


Launch Newsletter May 7, 2015